5 Must-Have Accessories for Every Man

5 Must-Have Accessories for Every Man

Accessories might seem a bit of an exaggeration, but no. It was considered too bougie and fancy, but now people have understood that it is a great piece of fashion wear which uplifts the personality. The resulting extra boost to your personality makes you more desirable and attractive.

So, if you are wondering what accessories you should get? We have come up with the accessories a guy must have.

1. Watch

Watch is the most important accessory a guy must-have. It shows that you are aware of time and adds up to your bold personality. Further, everybody likes a person who is punctual, and wearing a watch reflects that.

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5 Must-Have Accessories for Every Man

Moving on, there are a variety of watches that you can choose from; Analog, digital, and smartwatch. Each has its own significance and serves its own purpose. Analog watch goes with a classy look whereas digital with a funky and cool look and smartwatch with a sporty look.

2. Sunglasses

It’s summer and every day mercury hits a new bar. Now, not only for the looks but also for your eye, you must have a shade.

Along with the bold persona, the shades make you look attractive, fashionable, and desirable. Personally, I think sun-glass gives manly look. And the lucky ones who can style it with a beard, they are to die for.

5 Must-Have Accessories for Every Man

Before choosing any sunglasses make sure that you choose the one that goes well with your facial structure. It is very important to find sunglasses that sit perfectly on your face, enhance your looks, and compliments the way you dress.

3. Ring

The word ‘Ring’ usually rings a bell stereotyped as a symbol of marriage. Well! I think it symbolizes more than that.

It adds a lot of charm and bolsters man’s personality which results in making you look bold and stylish.

5 Must-Have Accessories for Every Man

A ring in each finger has its own significance. A ring worn on your thumb expresses your individuality, whereas a ring on your index finger signifies power, authority, and leadership. Similarly, a ring on the middle finger symbolizes responsibility and balance. Wearing a ring on your middle finger is a bold choice that will get you noticed. A ring on the ring finger embodies marital status. A ring on the pinky finger represents the quality of intelligence, discernment, and persuasion.  

4. Bracelet

Bracelets are a great piece of fashion wear that works perfectly with casual outfits. If you are not a watch freak, the bracelet can be a great fashion wear replacement that makes your forearm look bold and sexy.

Not only that, Bracelets are often a great gift choice. It is a symbol of your relationship with someone.

5 Must-Have Accessories for Every Man

There are different types of bracelets; Beaded bracelet, Friendship bracelet, Gemstone bracelet, Charm bracelets, and String bracelets which have their own significance and themes attached to them. But overall, they all fulfill the purpose to reflect and uplift your personality and fashion sense.

5. Body spray

The sense of smell seems like a clairvoyant prowess-as you can find out if someone is coming without seeing them; thus having a personalizing aspect to it. Moreover, everybody likes a person who smells nice. The point is, better choose a body spray or cologne that you are sure the people in your close circle praise provided that you like it too. This will give a social confirmation and you will feel more confident to carry yourself in a public setting. A good body spray can cost you from Rs 300 to Rs700. So grab a nice smelling body spray quick and walk around carrying the pleasant aroma.

Wait! be aware, don’t go for scent having strong scent; it might do more bad than good. Strong perfumes can cause headaches and nausea for some people. Better choose the scent which is light with mesmerizing fragrance and you are good to go.


Accessories compliment the aura you carry and are designed to bring out your personality to the world. So, wearing the right accessory definitely makes a huge difference in your overall outlook.

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