4 Interesting Games for the Fresher Party

4 Interesting Games for the Fresher Party

1. Dialogue delivery Game: One has to pick a cheat from the fishing bowl and deliver the famous dialogue to are the best games for the fresher party.

2. Love letter writing competition: All the Freshers will be given an A-4 Sheet and a pen, where they are supposed to write an interesting love letter within 5 minutes of time. And their partners will be reading those letters aloud. The winner will be selected from the crowd.

4 Interesting Games for the Fresher Party

3. Asking Good and bad things about the opposite gender: Males and Females are divided into two groups where they have to answer what they like and don’t like about the opposite gender.

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4. Ramp Walk Competition: Where Males will be walking like Females and Females will be walking like Males. There will be two winners (i.e. The Best Female – Male Walk and The Best Male – Female Walk)

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