4 Best Ways to Wear White Shoes

4 Best Ways to Wear White Shoes

White shoes go well with every dress-up combination which instantly elevates your outfit. They also go well with every type of jeans and trousers. So, you do not need to worry about whether it goes with the pants you have or not.

Though maintaining your white shoe is really hard in a city like Kathmandu and it can easily fray with dirt and environmental exposure, maintaining a white shoe is quite a feat.

Nevertheless, the versatility and assimilation of white shoe to fashion with any combination is commendable. Keeping this in mind, we have come up with some easy tips that you can use to style your white shoes.

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1. Black jeans

Black jeans are the most versatile pair of clothing. And what goes best with them? A white shoe. This monochromatic combination makes you look charming and smart. White sneakers and black jeans are the most classic in a modern guy’s wardrobe as it represents the versatility, comfort and laid-back cool.

4 Best Ways to Wear White Shoes
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2. Light blue jeans

Light blue jeans are another pair of clothing that can be easily styled up with a pair of white shoes. It brings coolness to your personality and creates up an inviting persona. Since summer is right here, this combination can help to reflect the scorching heat away from your body.

4 Best Ways to Wear White Shoes

This outfit is practical for going outside during the day as it helps to keep your body cool and also hides sweat stains. While wearing this combination, you are sure to be more careful about what is going on around you as you would not want to take the risk of getting stains on your light coloured clothes.

3. Half shorts

Half shorts are a go-to outfit for the summer season. It keeps your body cool as there is a proper flow of air through your legs. So if are to match your half shorts for the summer then style it with a pair of white shoes. And since we are targeting the summer season, we recommend wearing a white converse. The shoe material is made to keep your feet cool.

4 Best Ways to Wear White Shoes

This outfit is more preferable when catching up with friends during the day or if you are going for a long drive. Half shorts minimizes the flow of sweats from your body. It is one combination you all should try as it is comfortable as well.

4. Trousers

Trousers are a comfortable and go-to piece of clothing. There is very little hassle when it comes to wearing trousers. Dark colour trousers go really well with a pair of white shoes. It makes you look stylish and fashionable. Trousers are undeniably the easiest when it comes to style your pair of white shoes.

4 Best Ways to Wear White Shoes

Trousers can be worn when doing any activities such as; cycling, running, and others and also be worn while meeting up with people. It shows that you prefer comfort over protection as other clothes are comparatively hard to wear and move around with.


It is important that you need to be comfortable while styling out trying all these different fashion senses. There is no point in being more fashionable by giving up your space of comfort. People forget that looking good is the only thing that matter, and what they miss out on is feeling good. Feeling good about yourself brings out the best personality within you, and dressing up accordingly is the best thing you can do.

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