20 Life-Changing Habits to Change Your Life For 2021

20 Life-Changing Habits to Change Your Life For 2021

Let’s make our New Year more productive and happier by 20 Life-Changing Habits.

  1. Stay positive! ♥️
  2. Self reflect
  3. Plan your workouts
  4. Set consistent goals every day
  5. Why wait tomorrow when you can do it today ⏳
  6. Be a good listener
  7. Build mental toughness
  8. Keep a gratitude journal
  9. Stay hydrated – drink more water
  10. Stop listening to your amygdala ( ” your worry button” )
  11. Go to bed and wake up earlier
  12. Read more books
  13. Write things down
  14. Disconnect daily for 30 minutes
  15. Put things back where they belong
  16. Debt-free is the way to be
  17. Eat Healthily
  18. Move your body for 30 minutes
  19. Give more
  20. Spend more time with your family

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