15 Tihar Wishes That Spreads Love and Joy

15 Tihar Wishes That Spreads Love and Joy

Deepawali has just begun and will stay with us for some days and give us memories that will last forever. To embark on the joy and spread Tihar WIshes, let’s send some love and good wishes to all of ours families and loved ones.

A happy Tihar is only a complete celebration of the brightest festival of Nepal with some colorful messages and wishes. On that note, let’s look at some Happy Tihar Wishes that send the message from your heart to the one you love and care about.

Tihar Wishes For Your Loved Ones

  1. Let the lights enlighten you to the good and bright side of this festive time! May this Tihar bring you all happiness!
  1. From Kag to Goddess Laxmi, you will be watched and cared for by them all. Happy Tihar!
  1. The burst of every cracker will take all your sorrows with it. Go on and light one! Enjoy the Tihar!
Tihar Wishes Ignited Diyo for Laxmi Puja
  1. Ignited Diyo will guide goddess Laxmi through your doorstep. May she always reside and Bless you for eternity!
  1. One light can make a difference! And with all the glowing lights that you ignite on this Tihar. It’s going to change the world. May Tihar bring you all the good blessings!
Laxmi Puja Tihar WIshes
  1. The togetherness that our Festival brings is incomparable to any other thing. Happy Tihar! May all your family and friends prosper with this Tihar!
  1. Playing Deusi and Bhailo with your friends and singing with all your might, may you earn a lot this Tihar!
  1. Happiness comes with the brightness of all these ignited lights! May your happiness always be blessed and complete. Happy Tihar!
Tihar WIshes Happy Dipawali Rangoli
  1. The songs of Tihar have a special importance that never dies and reignites it’s influence every year. This year, may you dance and celebrate Tihar with the same enthusiasm as before. Happy Tihar!
  1. From all the memories that have been, every year’s Tihar gives even more memories to store and celebrate it. Happy Tihar!
Happy Tihar Sparkling lights
  1. On this auspicious time of Festival of lights, may you find all your troubles gone and away! Happy Tihar!
  1. A wish for your well-being and blessings from Laxmi Mata, Happy tihar to you and your family!
  1. May all the lights guide you towards the bliss of prosperity. Wish you a Happy Tihar and Deepawali!
Tihar Festival Lights Tihar Wishes
  1. The days have started to get shorter. It’s getting colder too. But may you be warm and bright. Happy Tihar!
  2. Tihar comes around with a goodwill and happiness that stays with you as a blessing. May it always be the best time for you. Happy Tihar!
  3. For the whole year, it’s the siter’s who win every arguments. So, Gods planned a day for the brothers. Happy Tihar Bhai Tika!
Tihar Wishes Bhai Tika

Before You End This List

Tihar wishes are a way of expressing the joy and the importance of this festival for all the people that you care for. And with that, you express all that you feel and wish for them in a sentence so that the festival and the celebration go smooth and with a hopeful resolution. May these Tihar WIshes work wonders for you.

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From celebrating Dashain to observing the festival of lights, we have had an amazing month of celebration of the biggest festivals for the Hindus. The festival of lights almost concludes the series of these festivals, but it brings the new resolutions along with its farewell. And still, there’s Chhat festival still to come. Hold happy and smiling!

A very Grand Happy Tihar to you!

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