13 Tips on How to Reduce Harmful Impact from Negative Energies

13 Tips on How to Reduce Harmful Impact from Negative Energies

Negative energies can come from negative people, surroundings, and our psyche. It will leave you worn out both mentally and physically. Negative energies replicate themselves forming more negativity. 

So, it is important to know how to deal with the negative energies around us. Also, it is equally important to know its detrimental impact on us. We can’t stay away from being surrounded by negative energies. But we can lessen them by applying these easy and simple techniques. 

1. Spend some time in nature 

13 Tips on How to Reduce Harmful Impact from Negative Energies

We, being humans are a part of nature. But sometimes we forget to praise and rejoice in it. Research shows that people become more stressed and depressed because they spend less time in nature or almost no time at all. This is why enjoying nature is a must. For example going for hikes, sight viewing, trekking, and many more.

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You don’t have to commit several days or have to do complex things just to spend time in nature. You can just start simply by getting out in the garden or a park. So, the more you spend time in nature the more you will know the value of it in bringing out positivity.

2. Be grateful for small things in life 

throw negative energies and be grateful

We usually underestimate the power of doing small things in life and being grateful for it. All our life we chase big and great things and we expect only greater things to happen in our life. But, little do we know that happiness is hidden in small and tiny activities. So if we do this, negativity will disappear automatically.

3. Work hard and expect less 

13 Tips on How to Reduce Harmful Impact from Negative Energies

Do you work and expect something in return? Yeah, we all do that, it’s human nature. But the right way to work and keep ourselves happy is by working hard and expecting less or nothing at all. If we expect the return then we will probably be sad for getting less than we think we deserved. But if we don’t expect then even if we get less we will be surprised by whatever we get in our hands. So, the key to positivity and happiness is to work hard and expect less. 

4. Drop Negative Attitudes about yourself or others 

What does it mean by negative attitude? It can be described in several ways. Any person with a negative attitude excludes the good in all situations and just complains about the bad. It is their way of looking towards life which is also called pessimism. Those persons always see limitations in themselves and on others too. 

If you don’t want to focus on the shortcomings and instead want to be on the bright side of life then drop that negativity immediately. Believe that the best days are about to come, are still here, and will be staying with you throughout. As a result by keeping a positive perspective, we will surely experience joy, gratitude, peace, and hope.

5. Find the source of Negative Energies

Generally, we all have a trait of running away from problems and traumas that we encounter. We don’t want to face it, we want to hide from it and ultimately we let go of it. But this is not a good way of eliminating negativity that is within us. We have to find the source, its root cause. Then only we will be able to find real peace. 

6. Understand why people are Negative 

Have you ever put yourself in someone else’s shoes? If yes, this won’t be hard for you. But if the answer is no then you have to let go of whatever is happening inside you, stop thinking about your own life at least for once, and try to understand people and why they are behaving in such a way. You will have a clear vision of both the negative and positive aspects and will build a sense of calmness in your life. 

7. Listen to favorite music more often 

13 Tips on How to Reduce Harmful Impact from Negative Energies

Imagine life without music. Life would be bare and numb right. Whenever we are joyous or sad, fail or win, hurt or be in love, we listen to music. In the same way, if you feel like you are surrounded by hurtfulness and hopelessness, enjoy listening to your favorite track. I bet you will feel a lot better than you were. Try this if you haven’t and feel the sudden spike up in your energy. 

8. Spend time with your family and loved ones 

As we grow up we neglect the value of the happiness and fulfillment that we get from the precious time we get to spend with our family and also our loved ones. We never realize how important it was and it is, having to listen to their side of the story. We get so lost in our world that we forget the same world of ours is connected and together. 

9. Setting healthy boundaries 

no negative energies

Setting boundaries simply means not letting others define as well as determine your mood and way of thinking. But all above that, if you are unsure of where you stand, then you can’t set healthy boundaries. Want to know-how. Check these lists below.

  • Be assertive 
  • Learn to say no 
  • Safeguard your spaces 
  • Get support 
  • Be direct 
  • Tune into your feelings 

10. Create a peaceful environment at your home

For most of us home is the only place where you feel the happiest. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be the same for others as well. If so, think of the place which you love the most and try to add the elements of that place in your home. Feel like trying it? Yes, do it right now. Apart from this, the others could be:

  • Add some green 
  • Make it smell great 
  • Get extra cozy 
  • Turn up music 

11. Try to visualize well in everything 

You guys might be laughing reading this particular line right now. Visualizing good in everything? That’s not even practical right. Yeah, it is, if you don’t do it and always want to see yourself complaining remorsefully. It seems impossible at the start but as time passes it will be your habit for life. 

12. Believe that everything happens for a reason 

Aristotle, the great philosopher also believed that everything that happens to us has a reason and that is attached with the purpose. It helps us turn to be the person we are becoming, opening the doors to positivity. 

13. Smile more to throw out Negative Energies

Someone said pain subsides and happiness expands when shared which is true. We all know being happy and smiling is a different thing. But it’s somehow related because with the simple act of smiling, even if we don’t feel like it, we naturally tend to be happy. Also, smiling releases anger, makes you attractive, helps you stay positive, and elevates the mood of others who see it as well. 

Ending Thoughts 

We all have a positive and negative mindset. While some people are naturally positive, others become positive looking and learning from others. Also, it is not something you acquire in a short time, it’s a process. So, it’s up to you whether you let the negative win or the positive. 

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