11 Amazing Yuri Anime To Watch

11 Amazing Yuri Anime To Watch

Ever heard of Yuri? Is it a no? 

What is Yuri?

Yuri is one of the genres of anime that focuses on the intimate relationship between two girls. Yuri can be categorized into GL and Shounen AI which is the sexual and nonsexual version of Yuri. The Yuri anime is loved by both girls and boys.

What are the Yuri animes to watch in 2022?

1. Citrus

citrus yuri

It is one of the best Yuri anime that is loved by everyone. It is an anime about the relationship between the two stepsisters. When the yuzu gets transferred to the new school she finds out that her school is rather strict and she gets on the wrong side of the school’s president who turns out to be her stepsister.

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2. Bloom into you

11 Amazing Yuri Anime To Watch

The story follows a Yuu koita who is enthralled with romantic shoujo manga. When she meets the student council president for advice she starts to feel for her. The chemistry between Yuu and Touka will leave you a pleasant feeling. Bloom into you is a sweet and earnest love story with beautifully genuine characters.

3. Sakura Trick

11 Amazing Yuri Anime To Watch

The story follows the takayama haruka and sonodo yuu who are inseparable friends since middle school. But they get separated in high school when they are seated on the opposite side of classroom. The distance makes them even closer which turns into a lovely relationship. It is often renowned as grade A Yuri anime for it romance and didnt have suffer any low budget. It is one of the best Yuri anime out there.

4. Asagao to Kase-san

11 Amazing Yuri Anime To Watch

It is an anime with pure romance and a lovely couple. If you like the anime which has no third wheel then this anime is for you. This anime is simple. It is about two girls who like each other and starts going out. There are a lot of sweet scenes for you to watch. It doesn’t include any breakups, tragedy, or betrayal which is a good thing and you don’t have to go to the rollercoaster of emotions.

5. Adachi to Shimamura

11 Amazing Yuri Anime To Watch

Adachi to Shimamura follows the story of Adachi to Shimamura who become friends after a brief encounter and spend quality time together. As they become closer they started to develop feelings for each other. If you have watched Sakura trick and searching for a cute and sweet story then this is for you. It is probably the cutest anime out there.

6. Riddle Story of the devil

11 Amazing Yuri Anime To Watch

This anime is not your usual romance rather it is an action-packed Yuri anime with a slight touch of thrill. The story is about the heartless assassin, Tokakau Azuma who is enrolled in a class where she has only one goal to eliminate the fellow student Hari Ichinose.

She isn’t the only assassin in the class other 11 assassins are assigned the same task. Whoever kills hari will be granted a wish for anything they want. But the Tokaku falls for her. So now the real question is can she kill her lover? Or Can she protect her from another assassin who is trying to kill her? It is one of the best anime for you to watch.

7. Strawberry Panic

11 Amazing Yuri Anime To Watch

It is another best anime in this genre. It is a story about Nagisa Aoi who transfers into St. Miator’s girls’ Academy where she meets a beautiful girl named Hanazono Shizuma who is the star of the academy. And then their love story starts. This anime portrays love, school politics, heartbreaks, betrayal, romance, and others. This anime not only focuses on these leads but also on other couples who are all LGBTQ.

8. Netsuzou trap

11 Amazing Yuri Anime To Watch

It is a short anime that portrays the relationship between the Yuma and Hotaru romantically. Yuma and Hotaru are childhood friends and when they get into high school Yuma gets a boyfriend as she asks for advice from Hotaru kisses her. The situation leaves Yuma in a dilemma. Now Yuma is left with two choices either to cheat on herb boyfriend or settle things with Hotaru.

9. Kiniro Mosaic

11 Amazing Yuri Anime To Watch

The story is about a Shinobu Omiya who meets a cute girl named Alice during her short stay in England. During her short stay, she becomes closer to her. After returning to japan she enrolls in high school. she gets a letter that Alice will be entering the same school as Shinobu and which makes Shinobu happy. What happens after that is up to you to watch. It is a fun anime to watch even though it takes you a couple of minutes to get you hooked it is worth it.


11 Amazing Yuri Anime To Watch

If you are a fan of Yuri or want to get into the Yuri, then these are the best anime to watch. Once you watch these anime you will want to watch more. Thank you for reading till the end. Hope this blog was helpful to you. Have a good day!


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