10 Worst Relation Things Not To Do

10 Worst Relation Things Not To Do

In the love life, we face many problems. These problems are created by our mistakes. Here are some points which people forget and ruin their relationship.

1. Stop putting efforts:

In going love life, two parties feel too comfortable you stop to trying please each other. Never stop giving compliments on their efforts. Giving compliments feels special. If you love then make them feel special by giving compliments.

2. Priority:

10 Worst Relation Things Not To Do

We all are social animals. We have different works we get busy. We should never forget what is our priority. Our loved ones are our priority there is no second option. Give time to your loved ones.

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3. Do not back bite:

Several times in relation we may be in situation which leads to heated argument. If such situation happens then try to solve instantly yourself. Do not go to third person and back bite about your partner. Not everyone wants you to be happy. You yourself are responsible for your relation.

4. Selfish:

10 Worst Relation Things Not To Do

If you are in a love you just not think about yourself. You are two bodies living together but each other have individual taste of performance, hobbies, way of thinking. Respect each others dignity. This may help to maintain healthy relation.

5. Compare:

Do not compare your life style with other. Its not of your concern what others do for their love. What matters is what you do for your relation. You think of your own relation. Be practical do not live in fantasy.

6. Communication Barrier:

10 Worst Relation Things Not To Do

Key point to save love is communication. Communication brings close and communication gap create distance between you and your lover. So, keep in touch with your partner. Do not block your partner after fight. Blocking your partner for attention is childish rather it spread hate.

7. Snoop:

Privacy of an individual is important. Though you are in love life you two are different human being. Your lovers privacy should be maintained. Snooping each other mobiles, office are irrelevant. Be matured it might hurt you.

8. Do not force to change:

Be yourself. Do not force yourself to be the one whom your partner wants you to be. An individual should love who you are. You may loose yourself trying to be another. It does not leads to happy relation. If you want to have happy relation wait for time you will find the one who loves for being you.

9. Cheating:

Cheating does not require explanation.

10. Be cool/ protect your self respect:

If you are in toxic relation. You are giving your best to protect it but your partner does not understand your effort. Blame you for everything hurt your feeling and punish you. You are not every ones cup of coffee. Have courage to stay out of such toxic connection. Protect your self-respect move on.

11. Bonus Tips (admitting/forgiving):

10 Worst Relation Things Not To Do

No relation is made in heavens. Everyone do mistakes. It’s better to admit our mistakes and move on with those. If you can accept mistake then you are brave one. Mistakes should be forgiven if it can be. If you forgive then those mistakes should not pinch you in future. Admitting mistakes and forgiving those mistakes is key point to save love.


No one is perfect. We have to give our best to maintain happy relation. Remember couples are two different souls living together. Be happy soul. A good relationship doesn’t just happen you have to work at it. 

Hope you like my article.

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