10 Tips to Enter in the Nepali Movie Industry

10 Tips to Enter in the Nepali Movie Industry

The Nepali film industry, a great platform for the artist. Yet, we don’t have a very long history, but from the very first movie till now,  with the variety in ethnicity, culture, and religion we have our own identity in comparison to the international arena.  Every year,  with the dream of becoming an actor,  many join this industry. But, only a few of them become successful and after one or two films many of them seem to vanish from this industry. 

Here are the major seven steps to follow as an actor in the Nepali film industry.

1. Passion

10 Tips to Enter in the Nepali Movie Industry

Nothing great in the world has been accomplished without passion. Passion is both guided by mind and heart. Without this, an actor is meaningless, and being passionate always motivates you to perform better. Those who have a passion for their work never feel bored when they work also such people encourage the people around them.

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2. Education

10 Tips to Enter in the Nepali Movie Industry

Never underestimate the power of education. Education is a must in every field because this is a  passport for the future without an expiry date. Acting is not only a profession, but it’s also a responsibility towards society. Carrying such a great responsibility on your shoulder, education guides you positively. Here, a choice of faculty or subject doesn’t matter at all, but at least you must have geographical, historical, and cultural knowledge of your motherland with strong command on both Nepali and English language.

3. Good Character

10 Tips to Enter in the Nepali Movie Industry

Before becoming a good actor you must be a good human being. Qualities like honesty, responsible, punctuality, courage come under good characteristics that are essential in everyone’s life. Hence, being an actor you are responsible for the society and without having these factors in life it is not possible for an actor to get name and fame. Rajesh Hamal, Rajinikanth, Kristen Stewart, Meaghan Mark le, are some great actors that you can admire for having good manners in public and as well as acting.

4. Teamwork

10 Tips to Enter in the Nepali Movie Industry

Teamwork boosts up the friendship and loyalty among the team members. Moviemaking is teamwork and if you are not comfortable with the team that you are working with then it’s just not possible to make a good film. Hence, it is mandatory to make your relationship in a good mood with every crew member.

Remember: Nepotism never comes under here!!

5. Self Improvement

10 Tips to Enter in the Nepali Movie Industry

Never carry the burden of failure and success in your heart and mind. Self improvisation is necessary for both success and failure. Try to improve your acting ability in every step of your action and cut without worrying about the outcomes. Give your 100 percent every time you stand in the set. Self-improvement helps every actor to respond to the different characters very easily and also helps you to make a balance in the emotions like; happy, sad, fear, proud, etc. 

6. Observe and learn

10 Tips to Enter in the Nepali Movie Industry

Whether its watching films or observing your friend or any person known and unknown will help you to study the characters. Watch films and study the different characters, that bring versatility in acting. I would like to suggest you try out each and every favorite scene from the movie you have watched.  Make a  record every time you practice and compare it with the original scenes which will help you to bring your best. 

7. Yoga/Meditation

10 Tips to Enter in the Nepali Movie Industry

Yoga is the way to live your life without any stress. It helps to improve your inner self. Acting as a career gives you a lot of pressure in public and private. It is the way of self essence to heal your pain, remove your anxiety, and guide you to be more focused which is important in an actor’s life. Being an actor you must be healthy both mentally and physically, and it works to maintain your lifestyle. 

8. Join Theatres

Mandala, Sarwanam, Shilpee Theatres, Theatre Village are a few popular theatre groups in Kathmandu, where you can explore your acting skill. An actor needs a lot of practice, and theatre is the best place to practice acting with people of similar interests. You will get exposure there and even get clicked from popular filmmakers for movies and music videos.

10 Tips to Enter in the Nepali Movie Industry

In Nepal, most of the popular actors have a background of theatre, be it Dayahang Rai, Najir Hussain, Buddhi Tamang, Saugat Malla, Khagendra Lamichhane, Bipin Karki, Deeya Maske, Anup Baral, most of them are from the theatre and are excellent actors of the industry. Theatre will teach you a lot about acting from character development, voice modulation, script, props management, discipline, and a lot of hard work. For camera acting, you should practice acting on camera.

9. Make TikTok Videos

Tik Tok is the most popular app in Nepal and worldwide. Lipsynicing on someone’s voice will not make you a good actor but definitely make you camera-friendly, help you to observe yourself on camera, will help you to find your weaknesses, make impression on a social platform with followers, and of course a lot of Tiktokers are debuting on films and music videos through the acting skills that they have showcased on TikTok.

10 Tips to Enter in the Nepali Movie Industry

Check these famous TikTokers of Nepal: Top 10 Famous TikTokers of Nepal. Most of them got debuted on media as an actor and model through Tik Tok.

Just utilize this platform to market yourself and your skills to the mass, you never know, you might be the next Tik Tok Star with a lot of opportunities.

10. Build Network and Connections

Participate in various events, get attached to people from the film industry through social media platforms, brand yourself on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc. To become an actor, you must be influential to the people, so make yourself a brand first then build networks and connections and market yourself.

10 Tips to Enter in the Nepali Movie Industry

In Nepal, recommendation plays an important role to get a job in the industry so try to build as large a network as you can.

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