10 Romantic Ways to Wish a New Year to Love

10 Romantic Ways to Wish a New Year to Love

Wearing a beautiful smile on our face, holding the hand of our loved one, with lots of hopes, a dream to a beautiful future, engraving our mind with optimistic thoughts and making promises to beloved one and to own selves, we celebrate a new year. Celebrating a new year is a way of letting us free from our past mistakes, grievances-letting us forget and forgive, and beginning a beautiful new beginning. We wish a happy and joyous new heart-warming year to all the important people to us, who occupy a close place in our hearts.

New Year Wishes to Loved ones

Here are some heart-warming and attractive ways to wish a New year to your loved ones:

“A very new beginning with a new year. Dear, Love I wish you all the happiness and love this world could give. I wish you and me would always be us. Us we dreamt of.  Happy new loving year Love.”

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If only life was a fairytale, there would have been a happy ending and there you show up in my life as a fairy making me believe in the fairytale. My Dear fairy; let’s always be together till our hair turns grey. Happy New Year Love.

New Year: an old couple loving sunflower

“You are the answer to my every morning prayer. You are my granted wish, my every daydream, and my long-awaited spring. You are my everything. I wish we will always be together- for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness or in health, to love and to cherish till death do us apart. I wish you a Happy New Year My love.”

I have always celebrated my new year with my family only. Then I started celebrating with you. Now I know why; because back then I already started seeing you as my family. Happy new year, my dear Husband to be.
New year, loved one, wishes

With this Year, I wish all your worries, insecurities, your problems, and your habit of not loving yourself be taken away. Happy New and blasting year my Love.

We watch fireworks sparkling in the sky by a lakeside. Your eyes were sparkling with excitement looking at each lightning firework. Mine was fixed on yours wishing to see these sparkling eyes every day and every year. Happy New Year Darling.

10 Romantic Ways to Wish a New Year to Love

I made a wish for us to be always together, last year on New Year’s Eve and I am going to make the same wish for this Year either. I will always make the same wish again and again because you make all my other wishes fulfilled. I am very lucky to have you in my life Darling. Happy New Year.

 I will never forget the day I saw you. And more I will never forget to be thankful enough for everything that brought us together. You are my greatest blessing. Happy New year Sweetheart.

Dear you, you are the sunshine that keeps my heart warm in the cold winter. You are my hero, my crush, my first in everything, you are my sweet candy which I dare not to bite. You are my everything, my world. I wish to be never apart from you. Happy New Year, Darling.

New year, loved one, wishes

“I was always waiting for my charming prince in the white horse to come and take me away to his kingdom. Though you did not come riding horse and nor you were a prince. But you did take me to your world giving me everything you could and doing everything that would make me happy. What more could I ask for? Thank you for every little thing you do for me, my little prince charming. Now I accept you are my only prince. Happy New Year my baby. “


10 Romantic Ways to Wish a New Year to Love

We should always welcome the New year being happy and cheerful for there is a belief what we do in the new year continues throughout the year meaning if we are happy and cheerful, we can be happy all the year. Our belief is what makes us stronger. What we believe is how we live. I wish everyone to be happy on New blasting Year celebrating with their loved ones, eating delicious food, and being warm with love. Happy New and beautiful Year everyone.

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