10 Easy Ways to Style a Short Hair & Long Bob

10 Easy Ways to Style a Short Hair & Long Bob

Planning to cut your hair short? If so then just being stuck with the plain cut seems bad. Simple stylings will be a cherry on the top. Doesn’t matter if you already have short hair, these styles might be a lifesaver especially when you are in a rush. 

Few of us are blessed with naturally healthy and shiny hair. Chopping the hair to any length or even applying any styling won’t be a problem. But for those who aren’t blessed with good hair quality, don’t worry these easy ways of styling which I am going to discuss now would be a great help. Stay tuned!

1. Braided Fringe 

First of all, you need to partition your hair from the center and then start doing french braids on both sides. After your braids are ready stick it with bobby pins on both sides. Tada! Your Braided Fringe is ready. If you don’t know how to do it then remember the hairstyle you used to do daily while you were in school. It’s really simple and easy for long or short bob cuts. 

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10 Easy Ways to Style a Short Hair & Long Bob

2. Beachy Waves

To create those waves and make them last for a longer period, first, you need to spray your hair from all the sides with a sprayer. After that, clip the top layer of your hair with a pin. Now here, you can use a curler or a hair straightener whatever you have to curl your hair. 

10 Easy Ways to Style a Short Hair & Long Bob

Curl your overall hair leaving the ends straight or as it is otherwise it won’t be as beachy as you want. Again spray it for the second time and damn your curls are ready to go. 

3. Half Up

For half up brush your hair back and grab the top section and bring it back. Then pull out the crown area to make your hair look bigger and give a royal look. Now, secure it with bobby pins. You can also use other pins to give it a fancy look. It depends on your preference and what type you like. 

10 Easy Ways to Style a Short Hair & Long Bob

You can use this look pretty much any day of the week you like. Whether it be work, college, or school, this style looks great every day. 

4. Single Braid 

If you have a lot of baby hair this style is a way to get rid of it. Now apply the same french braids but only add hair to one side of the braid. After completing that, pin it back again with bobby pins. You can also pull some strands of your hair to make your hair look bigger and puffier if you have thin hair. 

10 Easy Ways to Style a Short Hair & Long Bob

After all, who doesn’t like voluminous looks? Also if you want to conceal those bobby pins cover them with some hair. And yeah, your single braided look is ready. 

5. Twist Updo

Keeping the same style of above now you can turn it to twist updo by twisting your hair back, adding more hair as you go. When you reach the back of your head with the twisting process, secure it with pins. 

10 Easy Ways to Style a Short Hair & Long Bob

Repeat the same on the other side of your head and pin the ends up at the nape of your neck. Here you have to hide those pins so that you can’t see them. And that’s how you create an easy twist. This look is perfect for special occasions.

6. Braided HeadBand 

10 Easy Ways to Style a Short Hair & Long Bob

Now we have come to the braided HeadBand section, for those who are thinking you can’t braid, don’t worry, you can cheat here. Using a Braided HeadBand on your hair just like the other normal headbands, just looks like you have braided it in. You can make it in short hair in under seconds. 

7. Wrap & Roll 

Again the same headband is going to give a different look here. As the name speaks, for wrap and roll, you have to wrap your hair around the back of your headband. Slowly, move on to the other side and for the middle part roll it up and secure it with bobby pins. 

10 Easy Ways to Style a Short Hair & Long Bob

Bobby pins have been a lifesaver for many of us. Therefore, it is used almost all the time. You can spray the flyaway’s hair to make it look more managed and give it a finished look. And the look is done. Bob hair, wrap, and roll! 

8. Roll & Pin 

Another easy way to create an updo on short hair is the roll and pin style. Starting from the beginning you have to pin back the sides of your hair around the crown area. Then, grab one-third of your hair, wrap it around your two fingers and pin it in the place. This is going to make the rolling procedure easier. 

10 Easy Ways to Style a Short Hair & Long Bob

Similarly, grab the others sections and pin it like the previous roll you did. This also gives the vibe of a party look and more of a formal kind of stuff. You will love it in long bob hair. 

9. Mini Top Knot 

Moving on to the mini top knot, you have to grab the middle section of your from the front (the crown area). Tie a small pony on the top of your head. You might be thinking this is a crazy look but wait you will find it cute. 

To add more spice to this style, you have to backcomb a ponytail with your hairbrush to make it look thicker. After that, wrap that pony around the base of your hair tie and create a small bun. Then pin the end of the bun into the place. 

style a short hair

To give the rest of the hair some volume, backcomb the rest of the hair on the sides and the top knot is ready to go. Looks cute, doesn’t it?

10. Twist Braid 

The last one, and our personal favorite is the Twist Braid. Leave the section of your fringe and from the side grab two small sections of hair behind it. Twist those two sections together and then add in a small section of hair. 

10 Easy Ways to Style a Short Hair & Long Bob

Repeat those steps by twisting it further until you reach behind your ear. Using bobby pins secure it. Do it on the other side following the same pattern, leaving the fringe section securing it with bobby pins. 

There would be less hair on this one aside, so you have to pull some strands to make it look bigger. Finally, you have a half up and half down chic style. 


So there you have the ten styles you can do on short hair or long bob. Try it and flaunt it like a queen. Enjoy your short hair styling. 

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