5 Best Restaurants around Kathmandu

5 Best Restaurants around Kathmandu

Happy tummy, Yummy Food!

Who doesn’t love exploring new places and hanging out with friends in a very beautiful place with a soothing ambience?

A soft lightening and peaceful music in the background, a pleasant soothing ambience with a coffee on your hand and a beautiful view to lay your eye on. Imagine yourself being in such a good place(restaurants), we are sure you will be overwhelmed with just its thought.

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Sometimes, life needs a break from our daily run. We need to stop and breathe. We need to have peace of mind and little happiness for ourselves. It is okay to be a little greedy and enjoy with our friends and loved ones…isn’t it?

5 Best Restaurants around Kathmandu

Here, are our list of the top 5 restaurants around Kathmandu with good ambience and tasty foods:

Cityscape Lounge and Bar

Cityscape lounge and Bar- restaurants

Located in heart of Baneshwor, it is an awesome place to eat good food while enjoying the cityscape from the giant window. A good place to chill in the noon and the best place to watch the view at night. The best thing about it is its ambience: soothing music in the background, with the best view of the city.

If you are someone who loves having good food enjoying great views then Cityscape is for you.

Restaurants- a view from cityscape lounge and Bar.

The food and drinks here are a bit pricey yet with good food and good view, it is worth it. You can enjoy the dishes which are okay and enjoy your company with your friends or family. It is the best place for a birthday celebration or get together. It has a pretty good interior design making it look extravagant.

The Local Nepal

Restaurants- The Local at Basantapur.

Located in the heart of Kathmandu-Thamel and also in Basantapur, The Local is another place you would love to visit. It is a good spot with good food and a good vibe. You could just have a casual meal or you could go upstairs and just relax. They have a very cosy cushion for you to sit or even lay your head down and the ambience is so amazing. The vibe this place gives is the best feeling.

Restaurants- group of people enjoying at the Local.

The lantern hung in the wall manages to take us back to our childhood days making it look antique. It is also a photogenic place with good lighting and music. The food here is also very affordable and delicious with great hospitality.

Kyubee’s Kitchen

Restaurants- kyubee;s kitchen.

Kyubee’s kitchen is located in Jhamsikhel, Lalitpur. With the increase in the influence of Japanese culture and the craze of anime, this anime-themed restaurant has been able to win the heart of many anime fans with its Japanese food recipe. They use different Japanese seasoning to give Japanese food texture to the food- which tastes quite different from other restaurant foods.

They have multiple anime-themed rooms which makes it even more attractive. The place is cosy and can spend some good fun time with friends with their collection of a few table games – Jenga. Staffs are well mannered and friendly. The Infinite Tsukuyomi is a dish full of surprises. Love the quantity too along with various choices of sauce. Ichiraku ramen, here makes us feel as if we are in Naruto anime.

Restaurants- food at kyubee's kitchen.

The best thing about Kyubee’s kitchen is that their staffs do the cosplay of different famous anime characters at the weekend drawing anime fans towards them. We can barbeque our food, which feels best in winter. Overall, this cosy beautiful place is worth visiting. You can enjoy Japanese texture in food being in Nepal.

Paradise Restaurant and Café

Paradise Restaurant and care- Bouddha

Bouddha has always been famous for being a historical site together with its various rooftop restaurant and café. Paradise Restaurant and café is one of the rooftop restaurants with a beautiful view of Bouddha stupa. Peaceful place with great ambience. Rooftop makes it more beautiful than it ever would be. Foods are great over there. Nice and warm hospitality make you feel more comfortable to enjoy your food with a great, beautiful view of the surrounding, including a breathtaking stupa in the front.

This place feels very warm and cosy. We can either sit on the rooftop or we can stay in a partitioned room that has many beautiful paintings and cuisine making it very comfortable. From the big wooden window, we can view the stupa and enjoy our ordered dishes. The foods here tastes pretty good and the drinks are well made. The price is also quite reasonable. If you are in Bouddha, you can visit it.

Fresh Farm Nepal

Fresh Farm Nepal Restaurants photo.

Fresh Farm Nepal is located in Sundarbasti, Bhangal, Kathmandu. This place is very good in ambience amidst speculation and hype. It’s the best place for a couple to visit for it is too cosy and has small huts to dine in with privacy. The unique concept of small huts makes them very attractive drawing the attention of people. Foods are fresh and taste good at a decent price.

Fresh Farm Nepal restaurant-Birthday Celebration.

This place is photogenic with very good maintenance and decoration. The water fountain here adds beauty.The place is peaceful and is very suitable for family and friend gathering. All the small huts and bamboo used for decoration and free space with lightning at night gives a very good vibe. Though reaching there might be a little troublesome for it is located far but if you have personal vehicles the issue is solved. If you are looking for a place that is peaceful and beautiful then Fresh Farm Nepal should be considered.


These all are the restaurants, that are worth visiting with friends, family and colleagues. You can enjoy its scenario and its ambience. You can have lots of fun moments and memories captured on camera and enjoy your day out. Though these restaurants might be a bit costly it’s worth visiting.

We hope you enjoy reading our article and have made up your mind to visit these places with your loved one. Restaurants are always there for us to help us enjoy our good moments and good food. These all are the restaurants we personally recommend for you. I hope you find our article helpful and informative. Thank you!!


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