10 Best Opening Lines to Host an Event

10 Best Opening Lines to Host an Event

Are you trying to host an event? Congratulation!!!! You are going to shine on the stage.

The flow and the success of the event primarily depend on the person who is hosting an event who is generally referred to as an Anchor.

Can you guess another factor that determines the success of the event? Anyone? It is the Opening Lines an anchor uses to host an event.

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A Good Anchor + Best Opening Lines = Successful Event

An experienced anchor always uses catchy opening lines to keep the audience’s attention on him instead of lame lines such as……

Good Morning Everyone!!! My name is _______ and Thank You!!! for having me here!!!

In today’s article, we present the 10 best opening lines, a Television Host uses to host their show. Trust me it is really effective.

10 Best Opening Lines to Host an Event

Let me tell you a secret!! The first 30 seconds of the event is very important as it is what makes your audience decides whether or not they are going to listen to you. The first two things you need gotta do while opening an event are Introducing Yourself and Welcoming your audience.

How to welcome your audience, is this your question? No Worries!!! We are here for you. Here is the list of opening lines you can use while welcoming your audiences.

Namaskar!!! Swayagatam!!! Lasso, Fhyafulla!! Avinandan!!! Pranam!!! Jhorley!!! Taremam!!! Tashi deley!!Good Morning and Warm Welcome to Everyone!!!! We Welcome You to this Auspicious Ceremony!!

Hello!!!! and Welcome!!!! My name is (name) and I welcome you to this grand event on the behalf of (organization name).

Ohhhh!!!!! Look we have got beautiful Ladies and Gentleman in our audience. Swagatam to this immensely beautiful venue.

The world is full of diamonds and gems and we are having some of them here today to make this event more beautiful. Good Monring and Warm Welcome to Everyone!!

In this beautiful Morning/Evening/Place, We Welcome You to this Auspicious Ceremony!!

Bonjour et bienvenue madame, mademoiselle and monsieur.... Meaning Hello and Welcome Miss, Madame and Sir in French.

Namaskar!!! Swayagatam!!! Lasso, Fhyafulla!! Avinandan!!! Pranam!!! Jhorley!!! Taremam!!! Tashi deley!! Yo karyakram mah Upastisth hunu vayaeko sabai mahanuvab haru mah ma(name) amantran garna chahanxu.

In this Gorgeous Evening!!! with this excurberent and exciting crowds which takes me back to my olden days, I would like to Welcome You to this magnificient event on the behalf of everyone.

Aaja ko yo Sandar karyakram mah ma (name) hajur haru lai manai vitra deykhin Swagat garna chahanxu
In this magical evening event that we have in forward of us, I would like to welcome you on the behalf of our host. 
Welcome to the Welcome!!!! I on the behalf of everyone would like to welcome you this grand event. Ladies and Gentleman, lets have a blasing evening!!

Which opening lines you are going to use while hosting an event, hmm? Comment down in the comment section below.

How to Start Hosting an Event? 10 Ways

Hello Everyone!!! Good Morning!!! Or “Thank You”, Too plain -_-

What’s up? Yo!! Everything is Fine?? It feels trynna act Wannabe Cool -_-

Then, How to do a beautiful, attention-seeking, and exciting opening? An Anchor is the master of the stage. So, stop using lame and boring opening lines such as “Good Morning, Everyone” and “Thank You, Everyone”. Always remember, you are the host and it’s your responsibility to cheer up your audience. That is why you are on the stage.

Hence, to help you to host an event successfully we have come up with the 10 best mind-grabbing and exciting opening lines to Host an Event.

Make sure after you finished hosting the program, everyone will be talking about you more than the singer that performed the song of Sajjan Raj Vaidya or the dancer who dances as swiftly as Mickel Jackson.

1. Start with Quotes

10 Best Opening Lines to Host an Event

Starting an event with Quotes has been a tradition now. It is an old method. Old is Gold. Starting an event with even suitable quotes always works.

Express your sentiment through the medium of Quotes. For example, if you are hosting a Welcome Program, start with quotes related to the Welcome program such as “You are as welcome as the flowers in May” or “Welcome to the present moment. Here…now. The only moment there ever is.”

If you are hosting Farewell, you can use the quotes such as “How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard” or To Meet To Depart is the Way of Life, To Depart and Meet is the hope of life”.

2. Ask a Question

10 Best Opening Lines to Host an Event

The audience gets bored fast, You know!!!! And if you are speaking continuously, then no one will be interested in what you are speaking.

Ask a Question from time to time to grab their attention towards you. Make your audience think. Get your audience engrossed with the content of your speech. Make them curious. Have the right question to ask time and again.

Ask Questions such as If you are the only one alive, what will you do? But make sure a question you ask must be related to the event you are hosting. And the question you ask should blend with the theme of your speech.

Asking a question can be used as one of the interesting opening lines.

3. “What If” Scenario

Now, this is interesting. Well, I use this method time and again and it works every time. We love the “What If” question. And this question is fascinating and immediately draws your audience’s attention to you. Asking a “what if” question invites the audience to follow your thought process.

What if, there was no naming culture? What if, every one of us were nameless? What if, our earth was flat instead of round? What, if all we can do time-travel?

Blend the “What If” question in your script. Make your opening lines of the event exciting and intense by using a what-if scenario.

4. Hook of Imagination

10 Best Opening Lines to Host an Event

We spend most of our time in our imagination, don’t we? Daydreaming is one of our favourite tasks to do.

So, hook the attention of your audience by throwing an imaginative scenario. Let them for a minute dive into it and snap them out of their imagination and continue your speech.

We are all here today, together!!! Clapping, Laughing and Enjoying!! Imagine, you fell asleep for a minute and you woke up in another world, what will you do? And you woke up from your sleep in the middle of your______program, only to realize what a frightening dream you had, what will you feel about it?

5. Start with Story

Yes!!!! this is one of the fantastic ways to start your opening speech.

Share your story or the story of some famous personality. Keep in mind that the story you share must align with the theme of your speech and the nature of the program you are hosting.

Start with such as I once was a ___________________ but now I am in the middle of you all fine people, laughing, talking, enjoying and most importantly leading this auspicious ceremony.

6. Make a Tempting Promise

Now!!!! this can fire back at you. So, you should be a little more thoughtful about the promise you make.

Make a promise that can grab the attention of your audience and a promise you can fulfil. Keep your promise tempting and practical. Don’t promise something you cannot fulfil.

You can grab the attention of your audience by saying, “Dear Audience, I promise you towards the end of this ceremony, every one of you will have a great smile on your face for being part of the crowd and you will give me the credit”. Promise Something like this!!

7. Recite a Poem

You can also start the opening ceremony with 2-3 lines Shayari or the poem that suits the program you are hosting. If you are hosting a farewell program, you can recite a 2-3 lines poem for your serious.

Put your feelings into the poems and make your audience feel your sincere feeling.

Resiting a Beautiful poem is proven to be good opening lines because a poem touches the heart of your audience and conveys your feeling beautifully.

8. Sing a Song

10 Best Opening Lines to Host an Event

You must have seen many live TV shows where the anchor sings 2-3 stanzas of the songs and how well they give the flow to their program. And we enjoy it very much when they sing a song, don’t we?

So, you can sing a song. But make sure you have a bearable voice. Just Kidding!!

9. Crack Some Jokes

Crack some Humorous jokes in the middle of your speech. And, Yes!!! Your audience gonna love it and appreciate your efforts.

But make sure while you make random jokes, the jokes must not hurt the sentiment of your audience.

“My pain may be the reason for somebody’s laugh. But my laugh must never be the reason for somebody’s pain.”

Charlie Chaplin

10. Summary of the Event

For your audience to be interested in the ceremony, they must know about what sort of events are going to be held, isn’t it?

Do you watch the movie without watching trailers? You don’t right?

So, the same goes for your audience. Give a summary of the events. And then start the event swiftly. Don’t be nervous or over-confidently. Believe in yourself and you can host the event gracefully.

Sample Script to Start a Welcome/ Farewell Party

You are selected to host a Welcome Party at your school, college, office or university? Nervous?

Ohhh!! You don’t have to be!! Follow this script to host your welcome party successfully.

Welcome Your Guest

First of all, you will need to welcome all your guests. Present your warm welcome to all your guests in your own manner.

For example, “I Welcome all the ladies and gentlemen out there to this event. Warm Welcome!!!”.

Calling for the Performance

At the Welcome party, there will be a number of songs and dance performances. So, call the performer according to their turn.

You can call the former on the stage following ways:

Now I would like to call (insert the name) upon the stage to present a song/dance performance. 
 Please, a big round of applause for our next performer Mr. _______. He is going to perform a song by _____.
To rock the stage I would like to call … (student's name) to perform and show their talent to you!!

Thanking the Guests

10 Best Opening Lines to Host an Event

Now, it’s time to thank your guests. You can thank your guest in the following ways:

Thank you to everyone for being a part of this program. 
We would like to express our sincerest thanks to our guests for all the love, encouragement and support you have given us throughout the years, without you we would not be standing here today.
And now at the end of the program, we would like to dedicate a small gift for today’s special guest Mr.____. Thank You!! for your love and contriutation. 

Refreshments and Foods

Food and refreshment can be before or after the Thanksgiving ceremony. So, you can schedule accordingly.

When its the time, ask kindly your guest to have lunch.

Ladies and Gentleman, now the food and refreshment are ready. You may take your time and I wish you all good appetite.

10 Best Opening Lines to Host an Event


A professional host/anchor uses the best opening lines. Opening lines is what helps you build a good first impression on the mind of your audiences.

A good opening lines is what grabs the attention and then heart of your audience.

So, make sure you use good opening lines while hosting any events.

Make a good impression with good opening lines.

We are sure after reading this article on the topic 10 Best Opening Lines to Host an Event, you can now host the event in a good way and use catchy opening lines either. Yes??

If it’s your first time hosting an event, you must do enough preparation. Make sure you can keep your audience engage. Use good opening lines, be confident, have a jolly face and don’t be nervous at all.

Thank You!! for reading till the end. Have a good day!!

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