I Bet You Haven’t Been to These 10 Best Momo Places to Have Mouth-Watering Momo in Kathmandu

I Bet You Haven’t Been to These 10 Best Momo Places to Have Mouth-Watering Momo in Kathmandu

Best Momo Places in Kathmandu where we can have delicious mouth-watering momo

Momo soup runs in the blood vessel of Nepalese, not the blood, a meme I found while scrolling in my Facebook newsfeed.

Momo is Love. Isn’t it?

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Whenever I go to any restaurant, I already know what I am going to order. I order Momo.

There is something special about momo. Sort of incantation, a spell, a charm that draws us towards it and bewitch us to order it.

Whatever the season it is, Momo tastes delicious, fills our stomachs, and satisfies our craving for food. Just like there is no season to fall in Love, there is no season for Momo. It is available in any season, in every eaterie- from small hotels to five-star hotels and restaurants.

There are more than hundreds of momo places/centers in the valley and knowing where to eat the best satisfying momo could be a question on everyone’s mind.

So, we have come up with a list of 10 Best Momo Places in Kathmandu which serves you your exact taste in Momo.

You don’t believe me? All these palaces welcome you. Feel free to go and try these places for delicious Momo.

10 Best Momo Places in Kathmandu

10 Best Momo Places in Kathmandu

1. Delicious Momo

Delicious Momo located in Jamal is one of the best places to have delicious momo for Momo Lovers. The shape and size of momo are very fulfilling. The minced meat of momo which is called Kima in Nepali tastes great. Try this place out for tasty momo.

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Price of Momo in Delicious Momo, Jamal

2. Narayan Daiko Masangalliko Famous Momo

Well, when we list the top places to have momo, it is impossible for anyone would miss listing this amazing momo center. Narayan Daiko Masangalliko Famous Momo is very famous in the valley for its delicious momo. With the history of best-selling momo for five decades, this place comes to every momo lover’s mind whenever they crave tasty momo.

Started in Masangalli near Jhochhen, not it is also located in Basantapur, Putalisadak, and Ratopool. Check this place out for amazing momo.

3. Shandar Momo

10 Best Momo Places in Kathmandu

I love tapari Momo. What about you guys?

If you also love tapari momo, then the Shandar momo center welcomes you. Unlike other momo centers, there is no seating arrangement here. But the tasty and delicious momo this place offers is worth eating standing. There are a lot of Shandar Momos in the valley so make sure you go to the one near Suraj Arcade.

And, make sure to fill your tapari with both available sauces for better taste.

4. Everest Momo

Located in Naxal, opposite the Bhatbhateni, Kathmandu, Everest Momo has an establishment history of 31 years. It was established before many of us were even born. They serve you fresh hot momos with delicious sesame sauce. This is one of the must-go momo places or centers of Kathmandu.

5. Magic Momo

Located at Maharajgunj, beside Teaching Hospital, the momo magic momo places/center offer is magical just like its name. The thin dough wrapper with the juicy filling together with the thick spicy tomato-based sauce is what makes this place momo irresistible.

The place is clean and hygienic either. If you call yourself a momo lover, then you must to this momo place/center.

6. Ghangri Cafe (For open momo)

Located in Jamsikhel, Lalitpur Ghangri Cafe serves you the open momo where your filling is visible. Many of you might not like the sight, but trust me it tastes really good. They serve you momo with three sauces (sweet, spicy, and sour). Mix all these species with momo for an amazing taste.

7. Boso Rahit Momo

Located in Pulchok, this momo place/center is one of the must-go places for devouring delicious momo. From the name itself, we can predict the momo this place serves is fat-free. It’s tasty for sure. That is why it has been successful to shine on our list.

8. New Swadilo Momo

Located less than 100 meters from QFX Kumari, this momo place is one of the best places to have delicious momo. You can always see the crowd of people waiting to eat momo here. They serve very juicy and tasty momos with amazing soup.

9. Bagalamukhi Momo

 Located at the Patan Dhoka, this is now another great place to have tasty momo. It is packed most of the time. We don’t have to give the reason why it is packed, do we? The size of the momo is satisfying along with its taste. So is the momo chatni.

10. Jazz Upstairs

Located at Lazimpat, Kathmandu, Jazz Upstairs is another decent momo place to have tasty dumplings. Among buff, chicken, and cheese momo it serves, the pork momo stands out at another level. If you are a pork momo lover, this place is waiting for you. Go try their momo’s out.


10 Best Momo Places in Kathmandu

I am sure while reading this article, you were craving momo and making plans to go to eat with friends. Am I correct?

Because while writing it, I am craving for delicious momo and already reaching out to my friends and making plans to go out to eat momo at one of the places listed above.

The weather is gloomy and romantic. All left is a bowl or plate of tasty momo from one of these momo’s places/centers.

Thank You!! for reading our article till the end. Have a good day. Try out momo from these places.

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