10 Best Closing Lines to Host an Event

10 Best Closing Lines to Host an Event

Opening Lines and Closing Lines are very important when hosting any events.

Both of them play an important role to make your event successful. Are you the one struggling to find out the good suitable lines to end an Event?

No more struggle to find out what sort of closing lines to use to end an event. Here in today’s article, we present the 10 Best Closing Lines to Host an Event.

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Most people give importance to the Opening lines and Contents but do not spare time for the Closing lines, this is where they go wrong. When we go home after watching a movie, what remains in our brain-the beginning of the movie or the climax of the movie? The climax for sure, isn’t it? This proves how important the climax or closing lines is.

Closing lines make a strong impression in the audience’s mind just like the climax of the movie.

So, let’s learn some of the interesting closing lines together with us.

10 Best Closing Lines to Host an Event

Well!!!! Thank You!!!! for making this event more successful with your presence. We have come to the end of this event now. I would like to end this event formally by saying this phrase, “A good event never ends in the world they take only a pause and keep us waiting for the next”.

I just have a couple of minutes but I would like to begin by thanking all of you for coming from far away and some leaving important tasks. I thank you for giving us your precious time. I hope it’s been a good use of your time. Thank You!! for joining us, Ladies and Gentleman.

I would like to thank____________(important person name),___________(Mr./Mrs). And also I would like to thank__________(name). Thank You!!! all of you to grace today's event with your presence. 

Good Afternoon/Evening to everyone!!! It’s an honour to be here. We are standing here at the shoreline of the ocean of change with the wave of excitement and uncertainty lapping at our toes. We are here together. Let’s give a round of applause for ourselves and let’s pause and take time to thank ourselves to have tried our best in our life. (You can use while hosting graduation/ farewell event)

First and foremost, I would like to express my appreciation to _________(name of the person/organization whom you would like to appreciate). My deepest gratitude goes to all who attended the Symposium and helped to make it such a successful event.

10 Best Closing Lines to Host an Event
I would like to begin by thanking you_________(name). I would like to thank all my audience to grace this event with your presence. It has been an honour to be standing along with you. I also want to thank _____(name). Thank You!!! Thank You!!! Thank You!!! Everyone to have given your valuable time to join this event. 
Keep smiling, keep learning…. be blessed. Good bye!!! Let's meet agiain if life brings us together, my friend!!(Informal Way)

“Every day holds the possibility of a miracle”. So keep hoping for the best and keep shining and Thank You!!!! so much for being such a wonderful audience. I have never enjoyed hosting any event as much as today’s event. Thank You!!! for making this event memorable.

Without the love and support from all of you, the event would have never taken place and the event wouldn’t have been this wonderful. Thank You!!! everyone for your love and support. Thank You! for joining us and bringing glory to this event.

Ideas for Closing Remarks at an Event

What is Closing Remarks?

“Closing Remarks” also called “Concluding Remark” is the last sentence, paragraph or concluding part of your speech, presentation or event.

While hosting any event, Closing lines is as much important as Opening lines to leave a good impact on the audience.

Every event has some objective and message to convey to its audience. If you don’t conclude your event in an appropriate manner, the main essence of your event will be forgotten.

So, the Closing remarks is a chance for you to make your audience recall the purpose of the event and end the event formally.

Some ideas for closing remarks: What to do? and How to do it?

Summarize key Ideas

10 Best Closing Lines to Host an Event

Share the key points of the event with your audience. Keep it short and sweet.

Introduce yourself if it is necessary, then in the short point out the key points of the event.

Give Credit where Credit is Necessary

Make sure to acknowledge and be thankful for your audience, sponsor, or any person or organization involved in the event. Use name while thanking them. To save yourself from announcing their name/organization name incorrectly, prepare the shortlist or cheat sheet beforehand.

Always make sure to give credit where credit is necessary.

Indicate the Event is About to End

Let the audience know the event is about to end. An experienced anchor will always signal that the event is about to end so that the audience is mentally prepared for a conclusion.

You can use phrases such as Thank You, In Conclusion, Therefore, We are blessed to Have and so on to let your audience know the event is coming to an end.

Announce Company’s next Event

This is one of the ideal ways to conclude the event. You can announce the date of your company/organization’s next event. By doing so you can make a note to your audience’s minds about what are u going to do next.

And another benefit is the publicity your company will get.

Make eye-contact

The Closing Remark is going to be the final chance to correct mistakes that you did if any. So, make use of this opportunity and give your best to make your closing lines powerful and impressive.

Make eye contact with the audience. Be confident. Smile time and again. Confident eye contact and body language can convey lots of messages that the word cannot. Just like action speaks louder than a word.


10 Best Closing Lines to Host an Event

Coming to the end of this article, you must have gained knowledge of how important closing lines is important.

So, if you are hosting an event make sure to prepare good closing lines to formally conclude the event.

We hope you enjoyed reading our article. Thank You!!! for reading it till the end.

Have a good day all of you!!!

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