Nepali khana


Dar(दर) is a pre-fasting feast on the eve of Teej. As we Nepalese love feasting as much as fasting, Dar has become an integral part of Teej so much so that sometimes it happens to overpower the main day itself. All of us love delicious Dar but most of us end up having it wrong way leaving us more thirsty and uneasy on the day of fasting.

Some of the tips which are sure to come to your rescue to have happy feasting and feasting:

1. Dar has several delicacies from famous Nepali savory called shell Roti to the special mutton curry. There is no limit on a number of items u can keep on the menu. However, it is wise to keep it simple for it to be manageable to prepare and not to be too hard on the pocket given the situation of the financial crisis in most of the households due to the COVID pandemic.

2. Dar is supposed to comfort women and sail her through 24 long hours of fasting the next day. Most of the time they end up overstuffing themselves leaving them with digestion discomfort the next day. Prepare light balanced food to keep you at ease the next day.

3. It is ideal to include iced mint and lemon drink which helps in reducing thirst on a fasting day. Drink as much as a sugarless drink as u can because sugar increases blood sugar level leaving you thirsty and lethargic.

4. The general idea of Dar nowadays has turned out to stuff oneself with the richest food possible. Women fasting on the day should avoid excessive intake of fried food. Deep-fried food leaves you bloated and feeling heavy and bloated. Therefore include more of grilled items on your menu rather than deep-fried.

5. Avoid including coffee or tea at the eve of Teej as caffeine is a diuretic meaning it excretes water which leaves you thirsty on the day fasting.

6. Include a lot of fruits, salad, yogurt, Nuts, Saag, etc. on your menu. One ideal way can be including various kinds of fruit and vegetable salads. Avoid eating high-calorie food as it increases the sugar level in your blood making you feel thirty.

7. Do not include excessive spicy food on the menu as a spice will make you feel extra thirsty. It is ideal to cut-off some green chili from your favourite Aloo ko Achar or makes your kukhura ko roast little gentler.


Above mentioned are some of the tips you can consider for your Dar to make it tasteful as well as healthful events. It goes without saying how important it is to maintain our health given the corona situation we are in where going to the hospital even for general ailments is a nightmare considering the risk involved.