Top 11 Best Nepali Noodles

Top 11 Best Nepali Noodles

As per a recent study, more than 45,00,000 noodles are consumed per day in Nepal, which is the third-highest country in the world where noodles are most consumed. In comparison to India and China, Nepal has the highest consumption rate of noodles. So, it is easy to say that noodles are a quite popular food in Nepal.

In Nepal, Nepalese noodles are extremely famous and have made a special place in the heart of Nepalese consumers. Hence, here are some of the Popular Noodles Brands in Nepal and imported noodles that have delighted the taste buds of Nepalese people:

1. Wai Wai Noodles

One of the renowned Nepalese noodles, Wai Wai Noodles is made by the illustrious Chaudary Company under the banner of CG Foods (Nepal), Wai Wai Noodles is the most cherished food and Popular Noodles Brands for an average Nepali.

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Wai Wai Noodles’ business is also spreading all over the Asian countries. The noodles are available in Vegetables, Pizza, Tama, Chicken flavors. It can be eaten straight from the packet and can be cooked in the form of soup or blend with vegetables as well.

The price of Wai Wai Noodles could range from Rs 15 to Rs 50

2. Rara Noodles

Like Wai Wai, Rara Noodles is another Popular Noodles Brands that comes into our mind when we think of the best snack available in Nepal. It is a white instant noodle and could be eaten straight from the packet.

Similarly, it can also easily be consumed in the form of soup and could be fried and boiled. Rara Noodles is produced by Him Shree company which is located in Pokhara.

The average cost of Rara Noodles is Rs. 20

3. Rum Pum

Rum Pum is the most beloved snack in Nepal. It could be eaten straight from the packet and also can be cooked in the form of soup.

Top 11 Best Nepali Noodles

Also, the noodles could be fried and eaten as fried chowmein. RumPum noodles are precooked and come in Chicken and Vegetarian Base Soup flavor.

The average price of the RumPum noodle packet is Rs. 15

4. 2 PM Noodles

2 PM Noodles are sold throughout the major cities of Nepal. Furthermore, these noodles are Popular Noodles Brands in India and Bhutan too.

The price of 2 PM Noodles is in between Rs. 50

5. Current Noodles

Current Noodles are made by Yashoda Foods Pvt Ltd which has its base operation in Bhairawaha and Butwal. Zooey, KALIJ, LALI, CURRENT HOT & Spicy Noodles, and CURRENT are some of the famous noodles brands of this organization.

CURRENT HOT & SPICE Noodles is the Popular Noodles Brands best-selling noodle of the company.

The price of Current Noodles is in the range of Rs. 50

6. Laali

Laali is an instant noodle produced by Yashoda Foods Products Pvt Ltd. It has an amazing taste mixed with good blend of spices.

Top 11 Best Nepali Noodles

The noodle could be eaten straight from the packet itself, cooked as a soup, or taken as a fried chowmein.

The price of Laali Instant Noodles is Rs. 15

7. Preeti

Preeti Instant Noodles is one of the best products made by Asian Thai Foods. It comes in two flavors which is in Vegetable and Chicken.

Top 11 Best Nepali Noodles

The noodles is hygienically made and nutritious in quality.

The price of Preeti Instant Noodles is Rs. 12.50

8. Gazzabko Instant Noodles

Gazzabko is a new noodle product that is launched by the new rising and upcoming food industry, Siddha Vinayak. As of now, the company has also introduced new brands like Kosheli, Kushi, and Dosti to the Nepalese market.

Siddha Vinayak also exported it’s products to Bihar and Uttar Pradesh and aims to establish it’s a market operation in Bangladesh and several Gulf countries.

Currently, the cost of the Gazzabko Instant Noodles packet is Rs. 15

9. Mug Mug Noodles

Mug Mug Noodles is a new Nepalese noodle company that is trying to find it’s feet in the market. The company’s base of operation is in Jhapa.

Even though it is new to Nepalese noodles consumers however, the noodles have done quite a good business in Nepal and gained some recognition from the consumers and various shops of Nepal.

The price of the Mug Mug Noodles packet is Rs. 15

10. Bonus

Bonus Instant Noodles is a promising Nepalese noodle product made by Pokhara Noodles Pvt Ltd. This tasty snack comes in the form of Veg and Chicken Meal Pack.

Top 11 Best Nepali Noodles

It is also a flavored, seasoned, and pre-cooked noodles.

The price of the Bonus noodle packet is Rs. 15

11. Ramba

Like, Bonus mentioned in the list above, Ramba is also yet another product of Pokhara Noodles Pvt Ltd. The noodles come in chicken and vegetable flavor.

Top 11 Best Nepali Noodles

The noodles are tasty and delicious to eat. It could be consumed directly from the packet or be boiled in a soup form.

The price of Ramba Instant Noodles is Rs. 20

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