Are you confused what to gift on this Teej?

Are you confused what to gift on this Teej?

Teej is most special among festivals for women in Nepal. Some of the creative gifting tips can make it memorable for your friends and relatives. It is not the standards of gifts that matter but the feeling and thoughtfulness behind it make a whole lot of difference. Here are some of the Tips which could be handy in deciding what to give whom:

Are you confused what to gift on this Teej?

1.Keep it affordable:

It is wise not to be harsh on our pocket and disrupt our monthly savings in the heat of the festival. Keep your gift simple and thoughtful.

2.Know what they need:

Gifting something which can be put to use by your friends or relatives can make it more meaningful. Therefore do some research on what they need and go for it if it fits your budget.

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3.Give importance to made in Nepal products:

We have witnessed the need to encourage self-sufficiency due to Pandemic and ongoing political turmoil. It is the need of the hour to inculcate the habit of promoting our indigenous products. Therefore following are gift that you can consider:

I. A beautiful dhoti, red Sari or may be a kurtha:

Nothing can be as special as a Red sari on Teej for Nepali women. Buy one of those dhoti, red sari or Kurtha to give it an authentic feel.

II. Beautiful Shawl:

What can better gift than a shawl. It’s look authentic, beautiful and will be in our budget

III. Sauvagya ko vaag:

Sauvagya ko vaag includes chura, sindur, pote, Tika and all. It is very common, inexpensive and admired type of gift for Teej which has been in practice since a long time.

Are you confused what to gift on this Teej?

IV. Chocolates and sweets:

It is very obviously lockdown time, so going for far in Teej might not be feasible. But this should not disturb the love we share, and for this what can be better than some chocolates and sweets.

4.Makeup Kit:

Women love to use cosmetics and more so ever on Teej. They apply all kinds of fancy make-up on the day which they hardly use on another day. A makeup Kit of decent quality will uplift her mood. Do not miss a Nepali juro in her Kit

Are you confused what to gift on this Teej?

5.Organize a Mehndi session:

Women love to put Henna on Teej. You can organize a Mehndi session where all your dear ones can gather and you can volunteer on your own if u have some henna skill or hire someone.

Are you confused what to gift on this Teej?