How to Check the Results for +2(NEB) Exam in 2078?

How to Check the Results for +2(NEB) Exam in 2078?

The exams are over, the result is near. This is the dreaded period for every student. The first dread the exams, relax for a while then dreads the results.

And now they have to check the results

Welcome to student life where you are supposed to enjoy, learn and grow. It has been hard for students this year with the onset of pandemics and all. Especially for those in high school as they not only had to attend online classes and give the exams as well. 

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Regardless of how lazy we felt to wake up in the mornings and go to college, it was still better than being trapped in our own homes and staring at a screen. Can’t interact with friends all too much, can’t do naughty things in class, can’t annoy the teacher all that well, and can’t form romantic interests with your classmate. Well, you can but not that well. 

But while all of this is being said, the courses and exams were conducted rather safely. Giving exams with less convenience is better than wasting a year of your life after all. All of this is in the past. Right now it’s time to check the results for +2. But how?

How to check the results for +2 examinations

How to Check the Results for +2 Exam in 2077?

Back before mobiles and the internet were widely used, we had to buy newspapers and search our symbol numbers manually to know whether we passed or not. Was this hard? Definitely. But then again, it was the only way we had. The older generations can relate to the dread when we couldn’t find our symbol numbers on those sheets of paper.

But that was in the past. With the advancement of mobile technology and the internet, you can easily check your results for +2 in those mediums. How? Well, let’s take a look at them.

Using Websites

How to Check the Results for +2 Exam in 2077?

Since a lot of us can access the internet most of the time, this is the first thing that most of the youths nowadays do whenever they need to check something. The same thing can be applied to check the results of + 2 examinations for 2077 as well. 

All you have to do is go to the website and insert your symbol number and Date of birth. As soon as you do this, you will know whether you passed or failed along with the basic tabular representation of your scores.

You can check the results for +2 on:

SMS, IVR Dial and USSD

How to Check the Results for +2 Exam in 2077?

Before the Internet and Smartphones were widely used, thick brick mobles barely had any color or were totally monochrome. This was still better than having none, though, and it was still a “wow” for those at that time.

During this time best and easiest way to check for results of the +2 examination was through SMS. While this method does seem to be outdated, remember that you cannot access the internet all the time. Maybe you have run out of data or are in a place where there is no wifi network. In these cases, SMS is the best option.

To check for results for +2 using SMS you have to:

  • Type <neb> space <symbol number> and send it to 1600 if you are an NTC user
  • Type <neb> space <symbol number> and send it to 5000 if you are an NCELL user
  • Type <neb> space <symbol number> and send it to 3550 or 31003 if you don’t any specific sim service provider to get the result from Sparrow SMS

But sometimes there can be some issues with the SMS. The most common one is the lack of storage or some malware in your mobile phone or a cracked scream, making it harder to see. In such cases, you can use USSD dials and IVR dials to check the results for +2 in 2078.

  • Dial *1600*symbol number# to see the result through USSD dial (BEst if the screen is still in tact)
  • Dial 1601 and follow the instructions to get the result through IVR dial from GSM, landline, or CDMA cell service

While using IVR dial is valid if your mobile has run out of battery and you need to check the result immediately from a landline, it is not the best option as you will only get a vague report. It is best to use SMS as not only will it give you the basic answer of “passed” or “failed” but also the basic report card (Sparrow SMS can be an exception).

The Grades

How to Check the Results for +2 Exam in 2077?

Most students of +2 are already familiar with the GPA system since this system has been implemented for a few years now. But despite this, a lot of you might still be confused. Add the fact that a lot of older generations still don’t know what this thing even is and it can cause some issues.

You may tell your brother that you got a total of 3.6 GPA but still might get scolded as he doesn’t know what this system is. So you should know the relation between the range of marks and GPA if you want to explain it well to those who don’t know GPA.

The following table shows the Letter Grades, marks/percent grades, and the 4.0 Scale of the GPA.

Letter GradesMarks/Percentage Grades4.0 scale

Once you know all of these, then you are ready to check for results for +2. All you have to do is wait for the dreaded date and hope for a good result. You may have done your best or maybe you messed up but regardless of how you gave your exams, there will always be some nervousness in you. This not only happens when checking the results for the +2 examination but while waiting for every result. So don’t sweat it. Besides +2 is not the end of the world – there is still a long life ahead even if you fail in this phase.

How to Check the Results for +2 Exam in 2077?

Hope this was helpful for you. And as always thank you for reading till the end. If you have any suggestions for us, do let us know them down in the comments below. Also, do tell us how you feel about the results for +2 as well. 

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